In general, the language of instruction in German universities is German, but depending on the university and the programs offered by the university, the language of instruction in some departments may be English or both. The duration of undergraduate education is 6 semesters.

Whether you will be admitted to the university or what stages you will go through; it depends on your previous training, grades and scores. It is the most accurate way to prioritize your situation before the application and start your transactions according to these criteria.

Bachelor Application Requirements:

  • Having graduated from high school,
  • YKS to be joined in Turkey and Germany and settled in to read the desired area,
  • Preparing the other documents required by each university according to the applied field (Internship certificate, Self Assessment Test, Motivation letter, CV etc.)
  • To have the necessary language proficiency.

German Language Proficiency Certificate:

English Language Proficiency Certificate:

  • IELTS veya TOEFL

    "Our Consultancy services is not only based in Turkey, our institutional team in Germany always accompanies you in your consultancy process."


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