German courses

German courses:


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We offer various German courses in order to give you the possibility to choose the right course according your needs and goals. The courses are supplemented with extra offers like excursions, a cultural programme, self learning facilities and learning advice.

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Integration courses

Integration courses

Since a few years, all immigrants into Germany are offered so-called integration courses. The goal׃ the migrants should be able to make themselves understood in German and should fit in to German society by gaining an insight into the legal system, culture and history of Germany.

Integration courses consist of a language course and orientation course. 45 hours of the orientation course are devoted to German culture, the legal system, politics, and values.

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Einbürgerungstest, Deutschtest für Zuwanderer DTZ (B1/A2), Start Deutsch 1 (A1), telc Deutsch B2, telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule, onDaF


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UE: Unterrichtseinheit (Tuition unit) = 45 minutes

A) German courses
offer for applications from abroad (2019)
  Fee for Registration: 150 EUR

    1 German cours      780 Euro (200 UE)
    2 German courses 1500 Euro (400 UE)
    3 German courses 2100 Euro (600 UE)
    4 German courses 2800 Euro (800 UE)
    5 German courses 3500 Euro (1000 UE)

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